This is Day 18 of lockdown. Just hours before midnight, in one of the forums, I happened to come across someone who claimed to be a psychic. She said she did tarot card readings. Although I do not believe in such things, I decided to give it a try(considering the fact, that the first session was free).

Well, what did I had to lose. She began with saying things which were pretty obvious and generic. I played along. Most of the things that she said were already known and things that were online like past places, friends, relationships etc. After listening to all these, she asked if I would be interested for the next session, which would be a paid one. My simple reply was no, as there was nothing that wasn’t already known to me. I asked her, if she could tell me something, that very few people know of or something that isn’t available online. I promised her for a paid session, if she could startle me with a truth, that would be interesting.

It’s here when things take a strange turn. She said let me tell you the number of hair whorls you have. Well that was interesting because it’s a visible truth but in order to know that, you have to physically meet me and see my head carefully. Her answer was three. It was absolutely correct. Having three hair whorls is not very common. “Have I convinced you”, she asked. I demanded something more and then the weird thing happens. She says me something and I’m taken aback. She says, “Your death will happen by drowning and you have already been warned twice in your life regarding it”. I was literally in a WTF moment. It was correct. Hindus believe in palmistry and as a child, I was warned by a family priest to stay away from water bodies. From that very point in life, my family members were always cautious regarding my encounter with water in any form. Be it picnics by the riverside or going to the beaches during the college, I remember getting scolded numerous times for playing in water. Well, something that is not known to many, is the fact that I had gone to a local soothsayer, during a failed relationship. This was when I got the second warning regarding death by drowning.

Well, I have to keep my promise to the Tarot Card reader but isn’t $200 a tad too much for a fifteen minute session? I will keep you posted on what happens next.

Posted by:Dipan Rout

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