One of those late-night things. All lights turned off. It’s been a long tiring day. No, I do intend to open the bottle and touch the sin. It’s been enough during this lockdown. The mood is that of nostalgia, a slight melancholy maybe. Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of Indie music.

I came across the band, “That Boy Roby”. The track name is “Lost in Shimla” and damn you just can’t help yourself feeling lost in the melody of the guitar. As the name suggests, the track literally takes you on those untrodden, meandering, mountain tracks of snow-laden Shimla. Wait the best part is yet to come. When you’re halfway through the track, you hear the below monologue in the background.

Daud raha hai khayal,
Mere zehan ke aangan mein.
Shiddat thi ya shiddat hai yeh
Ya Shiddat thi tere liye
Mousikhi zariya hai tujh tak
Ya mousikhi ka zariya tu hai
Tujhko aaj chhod du
Chhod du tereliye
Ya tu mujhse aake jud ja
Ya jud ja mere mousikhi se
Shiddat tu, zariya tu, mousikhi tu
Khudgarz hu main
Khudgarz hu main
Khudgarz hu main…

दौड़ रहा है ख़याल, मेरे ज़ेहन के आँगन में। शिद्दत थी या शिद्दत है ये.. या शिद्दत थी तेरे लिए। मौसिक़ी ज़रिया है तुझ तक, या मौसिक़ी का ज़रिया तू है। तुझको आज छोड़दूँ, छोड़दु तेरे लिए। या तू मुझसे आके जुड़ जा, या जुड़ जा मेरे मौसिक़ी से। शिद्दत तू , ज़रिया तू , मौसिक़ी तू। खुदगर्ज़ हु मैं, खुदगर्ज़ हु मैं, खुदगर्ज़ हु मैं…

There runs a thought wild, in the courtyard of my wits. Was that a passion, or now it is or is it a passion for you. Is this music a means to reach you or are you the means to reach the music. Feel like leaving you today; leaving you, for you. Either you come and dissolve in me or in my music. You’re the passion, you’re the way and you’re the music. Selfish, selfish, selfish me…
Artist Info: That Boy Roby is a three-piece experimental rock band from Chandigarh. The band comprises of guitarist Sangram Malik, drummer Paarth Koser and bassist Ishan Sharma.

You can hear the track below.

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