This poem is inspired by the original poem called “When He Makes Coffee” by Sayalee Vadnerkar. I really loved reading it and just wanted to write it from a boy’s point of view. Again Sayalee, your poems are just superb and continue writing….spread your fragrance. For rest of you, give it a read. I may not be so good at poetry but still this piece of writing comes directly from my heart when I imagined someone making coffee for me….

When She Makes Coffee
When she makes coffee, I watch her hands so fair,
As the breeze blows, curling up her hair.
When she makes coffee, I know what it means,
As she plays magic on the brown coffee beans…
When she makes coffee, I watch the silver spoon she dips,
Stirring it thoroughly as she takes few sips.
Doesn’t matter whether it’s Italiano, Spanish or the rare Oklahoma,
When she makes coffee, I am just intoxicated in the aroma…
When she makes coffee and pours them in the mug,
I silently come from behind and give her a big hug.
When she makes coffee and when beyond the brim it spills,
Those hazel eyes of yours… and with love the air fills…
Posted by:Dipan Rout

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