A couple of days ago I was going through the review of this so called bestseller book entitled, “What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex” and I was really amazed. After the first page the book was completely blank. Whether it was sarcastic or it was for humor but I really liked the idea. This 200 page book was written by professor Sheridan Simove as a result of 39 years of crucial research and in-depth study of the subject. Well done professor! This book has already become a nationwide success especially among the Britain students. In my remark to the professor I would like to comment that it really sucks when I think that it took you 39 years of research to figure out this universal truth. It would have taken me just 10 minutes of deep realization to assume this fact. On the contrary if I think the otherwise, “What Women Think of?”, then it will at least take me a lifetime or more than that to figure it out. This poem is a very short sarcasm on “What Women Want?” and it’s really just a passing thought. No offence intended!

A guy who is handsome and six feet tall,
And has enough money for the shopping mall.
They want themselves to be referred as honey,
All they crave is for power, sex and money…

They want us to know them, whatever the odd,
And I ask myself, “Am I the God?”
They have no clear thoughts and vision hazy,
When they open their mouth, you go crazy…

Sometimes they act stupid and wanna big fight,
Then act sober and want us to hug them tight.
In every circumstance and in every plight,
They proclaim themselves to be always right…

Roses are dearer to them and so is teddy,
For a big fight they are always ready.
Fur coats and perfumes make them go wild,
Cute little puppies bring out the child…
If still the thought hovers in your mind and you are in a doubt,
Remember that “What women want” even God can’t figure out…
Posted by:Dipan Rout

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