This night, this moonlight never again. Come, hark the cry of my heart. I am drenched in melancholy and nostalgia. Memories running down to the distant days. I’m lost…. Lost in remembrance of things gone by … of things gone unsaid… Lost in the winter of 2003… the 10th half street by the co-operative store… the silver rays of the moon falling through the leafless trees… the late-night walks… of imagining things in future… How would it be…? Just realized ten years since have passed. Wished, time could pass a bit slowly.

Posted by:Dipan Rout

I am here to make a difference. I am here to make the web fruitful for humanity and knowledge. I am the creature of the dark. On a typical night you can find me embedded to my cozy chair, my eyes straining hard to retain the focus on the laptop monitor and a coffee mug beside to feed my insomniac soul. The result is tons of creativity and lots of innovations. Software Engineer by profession, I love music, good food and travel & photography. When I am free, I read a lot. Well that’s me . Stay Connected….!

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