Smith clasped his ears too close to the door. He just wanted to listen to the conversation of his parents. “What  is the matter dear? What did his science teacher say to you?” Annie said to Peter feeling restless about his son.
Peter was still pondering over the thought of how to deal with the situation. Peter gasped his breath for few seconds and then spoke, “Sweetheart, Smith’s grades are falling day by day. Although he doesn’t score well in his studies but as his science teacher told me that he possess an extraordinary IQ over the others which enables him to
think beyond the norm. The problem with him is that he does mischiefs which will harm him someday. I recall the last time; he was literally to be thrown out of the school when he tried to hack into the school’s secured server looking for question papers before the exams. Although that was pretty in the past, his teacher doubts that he is
busy in doing something big. I just want my son to be safe.” They both hugged each other. Smith was listening to all these allegations and a wicked smile started to glisten across his face. That was really two years ago and he had improvised a lot. His fascinations had grown to mammoth sizes. Hacking passwords and bank accounts were now just a child play for him. His interest was now in something else, “Conspiracy Theories”. He knew something about 432. For the last two years all his researches revolved around this number. There are 432 foundation stones in the Puri temple… same is for the pyramid…. White house in Washington… Taj Mahal had 432 prisms in its wall… 432 number of years for periodic comets…432 tectonic plates under the world… 432m apart are the Stonehenge… 432 number of statues in Easter Island.

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