She went away; she took away my heart, my soul and my reason to live. I don’t want to cry but I want to relive the memories. It’s so painful. People say that time is the greatest healer but I ask how long shall it take. Today when I checked my cupboard, I saw a large collection of her things and gifts which I kept as relics. I feel a strong urge to go to her. I want her back. These things and memoirs that she has left behind are all reminders of pain.

Where have you gone?
Now I have none…
When I see those things you left, my eyes glow,
Here they go as I have enlisted below.
The soft touch of your hands
Your gifted livestrong bands
Those flirty raunchy love letters
Now rotten in my drawers
Those discount coupons and movie tickets
Those summer caps and autographed wickets
Small reminders and tic-tac-toe game
Lying there is the deserted photo frame
When I see them my mind goes insane
These are just the reminders of pain

Purple pockets and the cute pink umbrella
Holding it, you just resembled Cinderella
Rotten cookies and chocolate half eaten
They just lie there unaltered and unbeaten
Your hand made crazy pots of clay
The tea bags of café coffee day
Those watermarked napkins and greeting card
And your old puppet of Saint Bernard
Your old t-shirts and broken eyeglasses
Our bunking of second half classes
These memoirs are now haunting but I have to maintain
What to do baby, they are all reminders of pain

The face tissue on which you wept
You threw them but I have kept
Your tools and those old knitting yarn
The dried ferns from our village farm
Your blue hair ribbon and white sweater
Your plug and the small water heater
The old thread and the yoyo flip
The turquoise studded hair clip
The flower vase with color so fiery
Your untouched personal diary
Seeing all these pinches my brain
These are all reminders of pain

Your collection of creepy crawlies
The old wrappers of jelly bellies
The cute little white bunny pocket
Your gifted heart shaped locket
The old rotten biscuit wafers
Your used chocolate wrappers
Yeah all those things are now my life saver
They will be with me forever and ever
Now I live deserted on alcohol and cocaine
And with your memories and these reminders of pain.
Posted by:Dipan Rout

I am here to make a difference. I am here to make the web fruitful for humanity and knowledge. I am the creature of the dark. On a typical night you can find me embedded to my cozy chair, my eyes straining hard to retain the focus on the laptop monitor and a coffee mug beside to feed my insomniac soul. The result is tons of creativity and lots of innovations. Software Engineer by profession, I love music, good food and travel & photography. When I am free, I read a lot. Well that’s me . Stay Connected….!

2 thoughts on “ Reminders of Pain ”

  1. this is probably the best of all lyrics you have unleashed so far. Your words carry the pain which your going through. Expressing yourself is a gradual process of healing….your doing yourself the biggest favor!

    God Bless Ya!

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