Well the Rout clan may not be that happy but according to the latest statistics, I have lived up to an astounding 8400 days on this Earth. Well, it’s my 23rd birthday today. The first quarter of my life is over and now its time to look forward to the next three-fourth. Nothing special for tomorrow except for a small party(maybe).

Mom, I miss you a lot today. You were always the first one to wish me every time and I know that still, wishes are with me. I never felt you far away, rather I feel your cosmic presence wherever I go. Bless me to become a good human being and successful too which you always wanted me to be. I love you Dad, you are always a guiding star and whenever I look at you, I see a man who lives only for his family. I love you friends because, without you, I could never become what I am today. I love you Sips because whatever it might be between us..lost…gone…but the time spent with you were some of the best moments of my life.

         On this 23rd winter of my life, I would like to thank some special people. Thanks, Sushant for understanding me and caring for me when I was internally at war. Thanks, Aranju for standing by me in every situation and dilemma of life. If I personify friendship, I see you. Thanks, Santosh mama for always believing in me when the rest of the world laughed at me. You always filled in me the positive fragrance of life. Thanks, Subu, the last four years spent with you was like a time spent in heaven. Engineering life would have been incomplete without you.

Well as I always say I am still “Alive & Kicking” and marching on for the 24th milestone….

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