Life is always ready with its own twists and turns. No matter how much we try to console ourselves with soothing feelings, still the fact remains the same… We walk alone. Sometimes it’s just the absence of someone that makes us feel incomplete. Sometimes it’s the stars that fade away… Sometimes I ask myself that why did I ever let her go… Why I could not hold on to things? On a finely lonely night I watched her go… Far away from me. A place from where there was no return. I was helpless. I just watched her walking all alone…

In the moisture laden breeze,
Chilled feelings enough to freeze.
In the silence of the winter night,
A glimpse of her caught my sight.
With sadness and despise in her eyes,

She had some woes and unanswered lies.
In her heart, with some seeds of hatred sown,
In the silence of the winter night she walked all alone.
I asked to myself what mistake did she make,
Why she trembled and her faith did shake.
All I could answer to her every big “WHY”,
Her only mistake was to trust the wrong Guy.

Love is such, that we tend to believe,
Even when there’s nothing to relieve.
Love is such, that we tend to fear,
To live without him, who has given the tear.

Could God ever forgive the one who deceives,
Even though love, with warmth, to him perceives.
Unanswered questions, unsto
ppable sobs and the painful moan,
In the silence of the winter night she walked all alone

Posted by:Dipan Rout

I am here to make a difference. I am here to make the web fruitful for humanity and knowledge. I am the creature of the dark. On a typical night you can find me embedded to my cozy chair, my eyes straining hard to retain the focus on the laptop monitor and a coffee mug beside to feed my insomniac soul. The result is tons of creativity and lots of innovations. Software Engineer by profession, I love music, good food and travel & photography. When I am free, I read a lot. Well that’s me . Stay Connected….!

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