You just can’t imagine what’s cooking inside this evil brain. There’s a lot going on. Sometimes it is filled with joy to the core. Sometimes it’s so upset that it tries to bleed. Sometimes it’s filled with innocence of a child. Sometimes it’s filled with sadistic views and enough negativity. I still wonder that it’s the same brain that does all the mischief. It’s just wants to play the magic and the resultant is, perceiving the world of insanity with a viewpoint which no one has yet seen or thought of.

Sometimes I feel like that there’s no end
To this overwhelming insanity
Sometimes I feel like that there’s no time
To enjoy this blissful reality
So coming again
To strike the main
To tell you stories lame
From rags to fame
The desires to claim
To reignite the flame
Whether its summer or the rain
Have a peep inside my brain

Come and have a coffee with me
I will show you the world, the way I see
Outstanding views and ideas cluttered
Broken hopes and dreams shattered
So break the innocence
Have little patience
Burn the incense
Strike the essence
Open your sixth sense
Break away the fence
Whether it’s static or the rumbling train
Have a peep inside my brain.

Posted by:Dipan Rout

I am here to make a difference. I am here to make the web fruitful for humanity and knowledge. I am the creature of the dark. On a typical night you can find me embedded to my cozy chair, my eyes straining hard to retain the focus on the laptop monitor and a coffee mug beside to feed my insomniac soul. The result is tons of creativity and lots of innovations. Software Engineer by profession, I love music, good food and travel & photography. When I am free, I read a lot. Well that’s me . Stay Connected….!

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