One of those unfinished poems from my school diary, written for someone drenched in childhood love.

It was summer and my life was in a mess,
Saw you walking in a pretty white dress.
I fell in love and love was new,
This was my life’s gift brought by you.

I began to wander and sang some songs,
Thinking of you is what my heart yearns.
You’re in my happiness and in my cry,
It’s like a jar full of firefly.

Years passed, classes changed and we did grow,
I held my heart and never did you know.
On winter afternoons, I thought of you,
Where my heart took, I hadn’t a clue.

Breaks, water taps, fields and staircases,
I looked for you in those thousand faces.
I have to admit, on you, a lot I spy,
I wish I could be your little firefly.

Passing by you and the friendly touches,
Oh, the feel when love softly clutches.
Unopened diaries and unfinished thoughts,
I so wished that you could connect the dots.

I stood by countless hours, often so mute,
Wondering how God, created a face so cute.
I smile often and in my dreams, you come by,
In the darkness, baby, you are my firefly.

Posted by:Dipan Rout

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