“Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it can. And just when you think it can’t get any better, it can.”

― Nicholas Sparks, At First Sight

Day 49 of lockdown. I don’t know whether its funny, unfortunate or some divine coincidence. This week has been the most tragic week for Bollywood and the acting community itself. Here I was writing an obituary to Irrfan Khan yesterday and today another tragic loss. Rishi Kapoor is no more…!!

How can someone not fall in love with those eyes…

When you think of him and you’re an 80’s guy like me, you tend to first think of movies like Bobby, Chandni, Nagina or the most iconic Amar Akbar Anthony. It was a few days back, I was watching this low budget movie called Do Dooni Chaar and we absolutely loved the character he was portraying; a mathematics teacher, struggling to keep up the standards of the family and who wants to buy a Maruti car, despite his low income.

Movie Poster: Do Dooni Chaar

It would take me hours if I start describing his skills from his starting days but the very recent movies of Rishi, proved that age is never a factor for an actor. Whether the role of the Grandpa from Kapoor & Sons or a common muslim man who is asked to prove his patriotism in Mulk, he played each role with such finesse. When you look at his later years movie you tend see so much versatility in roles.

The other aspect of Rishi that I loved was his outspokenness. Be it his opinion towards religion, about his fellow actors, his relationship with his son or comments about his own acting career, he would always give a blunt and honest answer.

If our Hindu culture forbids beef meat, does the same culture give you the right to abuse me and my family just because I have an opinion that you don’t agree with?

I am not advocating beef-eating. But I am advocating freedom to have an opinion and a voice.

Rishi Kapoor on Freedom of Expression and religion

I don’t know why all these actors think going to a gym or riding horses or learning how to fight are the steps to becoming an actor.

Rishi Kapoor

On his I read through the tributes, and Alia Bhatt pens it down so beautifully.

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For as long as Indian cinema exists you shall always be remembered as someone who brought smiles on million faces. Rest in Peace, Rishi.

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