This Night, This Moonlight Never Again

This night, this moonlight never again. Come, hark the cry of my heart. I am drenched in melancholy and nostalgia. Memories running down to the distant days. I’m lost…. Lost in remembrance of things gone by … of things gone unsaid… Lost in the winter of 2003… the 10th half street by the co-operative store… […]

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The Legend of 432: The Ladakh Episode

Sam looked at the photograph very carefully.This photograph, looking towards the rocky outcrop on which the palace and monastery of Leh, the capital of Ladakh, stand was taken by his grandfather who was also a journalist in 1873 and is from an album which forms part of the collection of Sir James Robert Dunlop Smith. […]

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The Legend of 432: Smith Episode

Smith clasped his ears too close to the door. He just wanted to listen to the conversation of his parents. “What  is the matter dear? What did his science teacher say to you?” Annie said to Peter feeling restless about his son. Peter was still pondering over the thought of how to deal with the […]

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