Day#17: On Ghosts & Reflections

This is day 17 of lockdown. The day went as usual except for fact that something got me shit scared today. It was a lazy Sunday today, with nothing much to do. During the sleeping hours, I was watching some scary stuffs on Youtube. I went to the washroom and in the faint light, I […]

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Na Ibaadat Na Puja

With all the jingoism prevailing in the country these days, there has been a lot of wounds that have opened up. These whole political things are taking over all intelligent discussions. Workspaces have filled in with groupism and people taking sides based on region and religion. No matter how much I refrain from getting into […]

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On Those Shitty Days

Write your madness here. There is no reason to take it outside anywhere. You can only control your actions. Your actions, watch them, for they create a ripple effect in themselves. There will always be those people in life who will try to bring in negativity. Tell them to go fuck themselves; not in an […]

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