No Matter How Much

There is some sin that can never be forgiven. You just can’t walk away breaking a heart. No matter wherever you go, the “Law of Karma” follows you. You can escape everybody but you can’t escape yourself. There are good deeds which enrich your life and bad deeds shall never let you to sleep. Hope someday, I get some miracle powers and I revert back the damages I have done to your soul. Till then this bleeding heart shall see nothing but pain. What we do unto others is what we get back. That’s really true… I am ready for my punishment. Give me sufferings… I just want one thing… baby please don’t cry… Live happily for this heart is forever yours.
No matter how much you wanna hide,
Still I feel you near, feel you inside.
No matter how much far you wanna stay,
This crazy heart shall always find a way.
For baby you are the light of my soul,
From the imprisonment of life, the parole.
For baby you are my blood and my heart beat,
Impossible to live without and sinful to delete.No matter how much you wanna remain silent,
This heart still wonders how things went.
No matter how much things you wanna keep within you,
This heart just knows everything that you went through.
For baby it’s too late to apologize,
After everything I started to realize.
For baby how much the confusions and the whirl,
I am all yours and you are just my girl.

No matter how much I try to make things work,
I know in the relationship, I was a lurk.
No matter with how much heart I try,
Why I could not control your cry.
For baby, life just played a big game,
I am sorry, I was crazy and I was insane.
For baby I know the pain to you I have given,
Therefore I lie deserted and unforgiven…


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