An Extract from 31 Roses

There was not much left in her life, except for waiting for someone. Her county was a small grassland in the countryside and was somehow safe from the war. She sat by the river throwing pebbles watching them bounce once or twice. The wind brought with it the fragrance of riverside lilies and with it a strong remembrance of him. “I will return to you my love”, were the only things echoing in her head. The war had brought enough distance between them and it had already been more than a year and a half. The World War, as they had termed it, had already separated many families. Yet the promise and his strong voice were the only hope to cling to. The water flowed continuously and the meandering sound could be heard from far. Colorful butterflies fluttered over her head and a few vagabond strands of dandelion randomly kissed her tearful face. The ambiance was gloomy with a strong sense of nostalgia and melancholy.
– An Extract from my short story “31 Roses”

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