On Superheroes and Motivation

Once somebody had asked, who’s your favourite superhero and why. Well, practically, I am not one of those who daydream about fictional characters or wishes to be one but yes I have a favourite.

He’s none other than Clint Barton. Well many of you might not have heard his name. To begin with he is the man behind the mask of character of Hawk Eye (as Peter Parker is to Spiderman), a character from the Avengers. Why is he my favourite? Well to understand this you have to understand the background of my thought.

“Clint Barton wasn’t exposed to any extraordinary radiation. He has no X-gene, no mystical artifacts, and no bottomless bank account. He has just practised, every single day.”

He lost both his parents at a very young age, due to car accident. He is brought up in an orphanage and later runs away with his brother to join the Carson Carnival of Travelling Wonders. It is there, when he nurtures his skills to become an archer and he keeps practising every single day.

The reason I love this character is because he motivates me for two things:

1. When you keep practising each and every moment of your life, you gain perfection.

2. While other superheroes were just near to fiction, this character was something close to real life. You neither need tons of money and cool gadgets to become a superhero nor  you really  need superpowers to become one.

This is my favourite character. What’s yours?

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